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Merrick, Costello & Walsh, LLC offers professional and reliable services, custom-tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer in-depth consultations to understand your goals and current situation, as well as to craft a long-term solution that is right for you.

Customer Profile Search (CPS)

This is a free service that is provided to all of our clients. Using propriety sources with our ever-expanding state of the art database of debtors, we can quickly determine if a particular debtor has been placed with MCW or other agencies for collections in the past. you can receive a Current Credit Overview of particular company, allowing one to make a decision from a position of strength as opposed to weakness. Utilizing a database consisting of millions of companies we can determine any negative feedback or collection inquiries. When one of your clients falls out of their normal paying patterns or exhibits other payment warning signs, such as uncharacteristic drop in new orders placed, we will conduct a database service that provides a quick picture of the company's financial status. This service is most effective when used on accounts that are less than 120 past due. Contact a representative of MCW to see how this can enhance your collections decisions.

On-site Visits


With our nationwide network or licensed private investigators and or civil investigators, we have the ability to make face-to-face contact with debtors to ensure maximum motivation to resolve their accounts quickly. When necessary this step allows us to prioritize our client's interest in the eyes of the debtor. This clearly indicates the emergency with which the debt needs to be addressed. 

Asset & Liability Investigations

The Asset & Liability Investigation accomplishes two goals;


1. The investigation provides a financial profile of the debtor and is a key indicator in determining the solvency of the business. 

2. The investigation will allow the client to determine the cost effectiveness of potential litigation. 

The information obtained during the investigations can be used to inform clients of potential company assets that may be attached for future liquidations after a judgment has been granted.  

Credit Reporting


In the event that the debtor is unwilling to resolve the client's outstanding liability, MCW has the ability to report to each of the three major credit bureaus listing the liability as unpaid and unresolved.



In the event that the debtor is unwilling to resolve the client's outstanding liability, MCW has the ability to report to each of the three major credit bureaus listing the liability as unpaid and unresolved.

Legal Representation

Should Merrick, Costello & Walsh collection efforts become exhausted, the account may warrant further action. MCW will consult with our clients and advise if the account meets the criteria for suit worthiness. MCW can retain legal representation to ensure that our creditor's rights are upheld. The assigned legal liaison will follow suit through maintaining contact with hour clients to ensure all critical information is communicated in a timely manner. For our client's protection we utilize the network of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) bonded attorneys through the Commercial Bar.

Technical Aspect


Merrick, Costello & Walsh's software is designed specifically for our system to in no way interfere with yours. Merrick, Costello & Walsh has created our "COMPLETE PACKAGE" based on our client's needs and desires. MCW has the latest ability in technological advancements to get the job done. We have the ability to implement our client's data system into ours so we can streamline and effective collection strategy with our client's. This not only makes it easier for placement, but gets the accounts in the system and worked faster. 

We also understand that technology alone can't meet all the challenges of our business. Human expertise and interaction are vital. We offer the best of both, providing our clients with a winning combination of top quality personnel and cutting-edge technology that gets rapid results and sets us apart from our competitors.


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