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Merrick, Costello & Walsh, specializes in turning bad debt into profit. We are structured not only to meet but to exceed the needs of our clients. Our creed is "If it's not exceptional, then it's not acceptable." Here's why you should consider doing business with us:

  • We consistently outperform our competition. References are available.


  • MCW works strictly on a contingency basis, helping our client's not waste good money, chasing bad money.


  • The employees of MCW are paid on results. This ensure our clients we have just as much of a vested interest in collecting the money as they do.


  • MCW assures you maximum results while pursuing each account professionally, and treating each as if it were ours. We look at each account from an individual basis to make sure that MCW is your best avenue to produce results. MCW is quite simply NOT another redundant agency trying to “dig deep” into your pockets on the “ Easy Accounts”.


    MCW takes all accounts as they come, but can quickly determine what course of action can, and should be taken on each account protecting the interest of our clients. This helps our client’s save time, money, and more importantly aggravation from false hope or promises most companies are blindly offered instead of the truth by our competition. We find many times when starting out with our new clients, they were previously left a bitter mindset on what a good agency can actually provide because they were given the fairytale and promises, instead of the actual story and situation.


  • MCW accepts electronic transfer of your accounts. Please click here

If it's not exceptional, then it's not acceptable.

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Note: Due to time zone differences our hours may extend in order to help meet your needs.


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